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Door Window Regulator Repair

Door Window Regulator Repair and Replacement

Are you experiencing the following problems with your door window?

Symptoms of Door Window Regulator Failure

  • Window is not going up or down properly
  • Window makes a lot of noise or sticks interruptedly
  • Window glass drops inside the door
You may need to repair or replace your door window regulator. A door window regulator is a piece of equipment that mounts to the inside
of the door to hold the window glass in the window channel, which the window glass moves up and down in that channel in reaction to the
behavior of the window motor in power and manually-operated windows.

At Doctor Auto Glass, we will first conduct a motor and regulator test to diagnose the problem. The power window regulator can fail
because of defective motor or mechanical problems with the regulator mechanism. If you need to replace or repair your window regulator,
do not pay the high dealer price for replacement. At Doctor Auto Glass, we specialize in door window regulator repair and
replacement at an affordable cost.

Warranty: There is a 2 month warranty on repairs. There is a 6 month warranty
on purchased items. If there is a problem with the item within 6 months of
purchase, we offer an exchange, but not a refund.

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