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Car Painting

Doctor Auto Glass auto body repair works restore den ts, minor dings, and car accident damages. We stand committed to provide good quality body work re pairs.

Excellence in our work & auto body repair works

We are the leading provider for auto care by provi ding auto glass repair and replacement services, painting and repainting works and auto body repairs b ecause we have what it takes to make your car look new. We will make your car look like it has ne ver been in any accident or free from dings or dents. We understand product specifications therefore makes u s more equipped to restore cars to its original look and set up.

Standing by our work is a promise we will fullfill. Within the bounds of your budget and timetable, we commit to render a kind of service that can satisfy you whether it be using OEM parts or aftermarket parts.

Or clients are extremely important to us and we bui ld our integrity and competence with their patronage.

We go beyond simple dent or ding removal by analyzing your car's damage

We understand everything about car care and we have imparted this knowledge to everyone within our team. We always look beyond your job request to mak e sure that we are providing real solutions, not additional troubles. Perhaps, you need a repainting job because you had a minor accident at an earlier instance. We don,t do that outright, we audit to mak e sure that there are no dents or other deformities in your car's body. This way we can advis e you on what needs to be done to help save your time and money.

Dents and other minor deformities on your car's body a re normally present after having minor accidents. They may require some body fillers before repainting starts or at some point after dent repairs have been completed. All these details we pay attention closely. At times, repairing your car may require special welding skills to keep its original strength and aura. We have the same capabilities and through the years, we mastered that.

Be assure Doctor Auto Glass provide good qualitu work; be it with specialized metal craft works dent removal. We have the best equipments to complete you r body repair requirements quickly.

We can also remove, repair or replace your car's bu mper or other parts you need replacement or repair for. Our choice of paint, how we expertly work on g aps and how we make it appear as new can only lead to one thing: seamless appearance! No over painti ng & no gaps so obvious to notice. Simply a new beautifully repaired car.